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About Wic-group

The Wic-Group project was initiated by the Swiss investment company GERALKA PROJECT AG, along with other successful projects in the digital crypto industry. Russian a segment of this project is presented on this site.

We set the task to develop an algorithm for managing digital financial assets. assets and give the opportunity to every person with any level of knowledge about financial markets, with a minimum deposit and from anywhere in the world, get passive income at the level of successful traders.

The Wic-Group project is for those who value reliability, stability, confidence and care about their well-being.


Why customers trust wic-group


years of experience in innovative technologies


highly specialized employees

from 36 %

annual income


in the investment sector

in 9

our clients earn money with Wic-Group in different countries of the world

> 5 000 000

USDT managed by
our platform

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300 USDT

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Monthly income

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Constant returns on both rising and falling markets

> 120%

amounted to investment income
for 2020

> 5 000 000 USDT

1.02 - 9.16%

the profitability of our investors
for the last reporting period was as follows